Night sky

Carla Sonheim workshopNight sky 1

Here are my night sky pictures from lesson 2.

Good vocabulary possibilities:

Adjectives: you may have a copy of The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark which is often read in school. It contains many ‘wow words’ which are adjectives and relates well to this night sky task. This resource set is about that book

Homonym: press hard (children usually seem to know ‘hard’ as the opposite of soft but it can be helpful to use ‘difficult’ when that’s what you mean – it’s a longer word but they seem to know it).

This resource is about homonyms etc. for children of a suitable age

Talking about position: a nightmare for many children. In this one, Diane suggests going off the edge/over the edge of the paper with the wax crayon; and changing the colour in the middle. You can also talk about the top/bottom/side of the page (point as you mention them).

The tools you used – refer to Diane’s list and talk about your things.

You can use a piece of the plastic tissue you put between slices in the freezer between your pictures as you press the glued portion on each – make a pile and put a heavy book on it.

The black silhouette might be too difficult for some children to cut out. You could let them draw it with a white crayon and then you cut just inside their line.

Why not look for other silhouette ideas like shadow puppets?

If you watched the video together, talk about what Diane did: what did she get out ready, how did she begin, what came next, and so on. Before you start on yours, list the actions again as you point at your fingers in turn:

  1. we get everything ready etc. etc. (as before and you can refer to the list on the instructions)

When you’ve made your pictures, ask the child to report on how the job was done – praise any attempt at a sequenced list of actions in the correct order.  Again, point at your fingers to jog the memory of the list. If some of the actions are correct but in an impossible order, try and introduce the idea of ‘coming first’, ‘and then’, ‘that was the last thing’… like a story.

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