Concept words and phrases

Category words present a concept, but the words and phrases here are not things. Often it is the words between the nouns and verbs that govern the meaning of language. The resources here cover a mixed bunch of words and phrases which often confuse children with language delay/disorder. They confuse EAL learners too.

TRICKY CONCEPT WORDS concepts 2 Four of the many words which cover cognitive concepts and confuse lots of children. Pair meaning two which go together, whole versus hole, half, and understanding that ‘the other one’ can refer to anything depending on the context!

VERB+PREPOSITION DOMINOS concepts 4 Two sets of dominos with verbs that occur with different prepositions as phrasal verbs. These are hard to get sorted out (cf a car pulling out and a dentist pulling out a tooth).

CONNECTIVES concepts 5 The cards with connecting words and phrases are adaptable. Some ideas are given for promoting fluency.

CONCEPT OF EXCLUSION – EXCEPT concepts 6 Practise saying the sentences, choosing the exception and crossing it out.

LANGUAGE OF MATHS (illustrated maths words) concepts 7 These pages show some of the words that underpin talking about quantity, position, comparing, placing, arranging and so on.

CONNECTIVES: BECAUSE/ALTHOUGH concepts 8 Children need to associate pairs of pictures and explain why they go together. Also to read the book (or guess what it says from the pictures) about why/because situations. All three items in this resource are useful for discussion and could be used for EAL too.