Word work (endings, rhymes, homonyms, etc.)

These resources are not for the vocabulary as such but for the way words are changed by grammatical endings; and tasks where children learn about groups of words that belong together for a reason which isn’t always semantic (i.e. it’s not the meaning of the words in rhymes that matters) – although other sets have to be discriminated by meaning (e.g. homophones)!

SUFFIXES AND A SPELLING RULE word work 1 Tasks around the rule: omit word-final e before an ending starting with a vowel letter. Revise the meaning of verb/noun/adjective.

HOMONYMS word work 2 Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2010. Use of illustrated comparisons and symbol support makes meanings clearer. Opportunities for discussion and writing with the vocabulary in the worksheets.

RHYMES  word work 3 Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2010. Some re-makes of nursery rhymes to read, predict, and then cut up and match. The frog rhyme has a link to ponds and food chains – but it’s tenuous!

COMPOUND WORDS word work 4 Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2010. Illustrated cards to build compound words which are clearly linked to the shorter words. Adaptable to different levels. Ideas given for use. Could also be useful for EAL.

IRREGULAR PLURALS word work 5 Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2010. Pairs, Chain game, and Dominos featuring common nouns with irregular plurals. Most of the pictures will be recognised by this age-group. Opportunity to read the singular and plural forms, and also just label pictures. Increase spoken practice by making up spoken sentences featuring the pictures on the Pairs cards. Could also be used for EAL.

ADD SUFFIX –LESS TO MAKE ADJECTIVES word work 6 A set of words which can take the suffix -less. Illustrated for a matching task. Separate sentence completion task using the words.

VERBS, NOUNS AND ADJECTIVES TO SORT word work 7 A page of pictures with and without labels (also provided as text only) to place according to word function: verbs, nouns or adjectives. They are all words – but what sort of words?