I worked for many years as a speech and language therapist with preschool and primary age children. I used this site to blog about anything I heard which made me reflect on the oddities of the English language (and also the versions of English around the world), and how some things we say might affect children with weak language skills. I also enjoy listening to children talking and the way this appears to reveal how they are thinking; although, of course, one can never be sure how another person is thinking! Now retired, I don’t do as many posts though I try to keep followers informed when a new calendar has been uploaded.

I also index here the resources on TES by languageisheartosay which are all designed by me. Each one is likely to have been made for a specific child but then used for many others. I hope you find them useful. I am grateful to Widgit Software and Mayer-Johnson for permission to use their copyrighted symbols in these free pdf resources. The TES site is here:

TES Teaching Resources

Any constructive feedback about languageisheartosay or my resources is welcome. If you would like to receive emails when I put up a new post, please complete the box at the bottom of the Home page. Thanks.

(I have another blog at which is my painting blog. WordPress blogs are so bewitching, it’s tempting to start just one more…)