TES Teaching Resources, free lesson plans and worksheets

What are SEN resources? Special needs teaching resources are activities designed to be particularly useful when working with children who have special education needs (SEN). The SEN speech and language resources referred to on my site are available to download from the TES site and each has the link for you to use. If a link does not function immediately, please copy and paste the link to your bar.

(On the TES site there is a search facility and a section particularly for special needs – which includes resources for speech and language difficulties. You can search for resources by entering a topic in the TES Resources search box and then looking at the levels and/or format to refine the search. It is worth looking in the child’s key stage and the one below.)

To download resources for your use, you have to log in to the TES site. I hope it will be helpful to group some of the resources by the topic they were designed for in my work with young children. Many resources are applicable to more than one topic and it is always important to bear in mind that a child needs skills in several areas of language to access new material e.g. attention and listening skills, vocabulary, recall, concept development – and so on.

Some of my resources have been published commercially. However the majority of the linked resources listed here are free to download. You will see they consist of fun activities, books, and games to play. They have been designed to help children who do not make expected progress in early speech and language skills and who enter school less able than other kids when it comes to understanding, remembering, and expressing themselves, but most can be used with other young children e.g. for EAL work.

See the topic areas:

  • on the right in the sidebar
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Or you can download the current index of my free resources on TES (in the same lists)!

The topics have an introductory section followed by the resource descriptions with links. Please scroll down to find the links to particular items.
The linked resources under each topic are in the order I added them: they are not graded by age or difficulty!