Activity books

This collection of activity books share some features, giving the opportunity to assess  generalisation of learning. The resources were designed for use with a group of children of different ability level. Sometimes a buddy system can allow a less able child to enter into the general goings-on – or the pages can be shared out to match attainment level. The books contain a variety of activities that  require some of the cognitive skills which underpin different aspects of language. The books bear some relation to curriculum topics and general knowledge.

AUTUMN BOOK activity book 1 Something for everyone. Adaptable for differentiation. Spot the difference; haiku meets Numicon number bonds; symbol reading for counting and comprehension; odd one out; story with missing words. Plus help with making some similar resources yourself if you have the software program.

UK ANIMALS BOOK activity book 2 Activity book with lots of suggestions. Suitable for differentiation. Learn animal and bird names and use the pictures for several games. Spot the difference and talk about nocturnal animals and food chains. Count the animals in the Numicon patterns. Odd one out: report clearly what is wrong. Symbol reading to carry out instructions. Colouring pages.

AFRICAN ANIMALS activity book 3 A collection of different activities to promote naming, matching, odd one out, spot the difference, counting, and symbol reading. Suitable for young children and those in KS2 with e.g. Down’s Syndrome. Some pages can be printed 2pp to the sheet but others for use in games will need to be printed A4 size for clarity and ease of handling.

AUSTRALIA and NZ BOOK activity book 4 Something for everyone. Adaptable for differentiation. Animal cards for matching and games; colouring page; spot the difference; A-Z fun alphabet (and Z-A); count the animals in Numicon shapes.

DINOSAUR WORKBOOK I activity book 5 8 pages with something for everyone. Print 2-up on A4 paper. Picture matching, sort into carnivores and herbivores, spot the difference, count the dinosaurs in Numicon layouts, odd one out, follow symbol instructions, an information story, and a page to colour.

SPACE I activity book 6 Something for everyone. 6 pages can be printed 2-up on A4 (but easier to manage full A4 size for some children). Names of the planets with attempt to show their approximate relative sizes; Spot the Difference; symbol reading and counting; Odd One Out to talk about; symbol reading-for-meaning (and follow instructions); copy words into the blanks in a story with symbol support. Suggestions included.

ANCIENT EGYPT ACTIVITY BOOK activity book 7 Suitable for children with delayed or disordered language for whatever reason. 1-1 or small group. Instructions on file.

ANTARCTICA ACTIVITY BOOK activity book 8 One of the resources included in this group.

ANCIENT GREEKS – ACTIVITY BOOK activity book 9 8 pages of activities to practise the vocabulary of the topic as well as basic language/pencil skills. Illustrated with Widgit symbols.

THE TUDORS – ACTIVITY BOOK activity book 10 8 pages of activities to introduce topic vocabulary and practise basic language/pencil skills. Illustrated with PCS or Widgit symbols.

WORLD WAR 2 – ACTIVITY BOOK activity book 11 Illustrated with PCS or Widgit symbols. Something for everyone in the suggested groups, including EAL.

VICTORIAN CHILDREN – ACTIVITY BOOK activity book 12 Illustrated with PCS or Widgit symbols. A variety of tasks: picture matching, spot the difference, colouring, reading for meaning and more.

WATER CYCLE – ACTIVITY BOOK activity book 13  Illustrated with PCS or Widgit symbols. Featuring relevant nursery rhymes, picture-word matching, information text, spot the difference and more.

CHRISTMAS – ACTIVITY BOOK activity book 14  Illustrated with PCS or Widgit symbols. Picture matching, spot the difference, odd one out, counting, reading for meaning and sequencing.

MATERIALS – ACTIVITY BOOK  activity book 15 A variety of activities with ideas for sorting, talking, selecting and colouring. Includes basic materials plus some tasks based on hard, soft, transparent, cold, and paper things. Illustrated with PCS or Widgit symbols.