INDEX at 8th Jan. 2016

PLEASE NOTE: Although the links work on my computer, the pdf files seem touchy. You may have to copy and paste the link address you want in order to reach the TES page with the resource. All the listed resources are still available – it’s just my uploaded pdf files don’t always link automatically!

HOWEVER I do find that if I open the Index on my screen at 50%, it is easier to point at the links successfully. Maybe it is a question of the memory load??? Computers are still very mysterious as far as I am concerned.

A-Z ORDER INDEX AT JAN.16 All resources I have uploaded to TES to date are included in the A-Z INDEX. Above the table are some topics using the previous NATIONAL CURRICULUM TOPICS list which I have made a resource for (although it may not be exactly what you wanted!) You can use a word from this list in a search of the resource list.

NUMBER ORDER INDEX AT JAN.16 Items added to TES since the last index have been highlighted and can be seen together at the beginning of the NUMBER ORDER INDEX.

The titles listed under STORIES are on this blog site only.