Here are the resources on my blog/TES that refer to Christmas. These are not new, just shown in one place for you:

xmas 0 SAM GOES TO SEE BABY JESUS This retelling of the story of the Nativity is presented for an adult to read to a child. There are illustrations and a simpler version of the text which many young children will be able to read for themselves. Sam travels back to Bible times in his Special Time Machine to see what happens.

xmas 1   CHRISTMAS – ACTIVITY BOOK. Picture matching, spot the difference, odd one out, counting, reading for meaning and sequencing.

xmas 2   CHRISTMAS – READING FOR MEANING. Pictures with captions to match. Use to check reading for meaning accuracy. Early reading vocabulary and simple sentence construction. Can also be sequenced to build nativity story.

xmas 3   CHRISTMAS VOCAB page: General vocabulary to print on A4 paper (or card for games).PICTURES FOR NATIVITY STORY: Print on A4 paper to do cut-and-stick in the book layout. (Or make two copies on card to do matching or Pairs.) Print 2-up on A4 paper: CHRISTMAS STORY – the pages have text, and box for the picture. Draw, or stick in the Nativity story pictures. WRITE THE CHRISTMAS STORY is an outline with a box to draw in or stick the Nativity story pictures in, and space for writing in. Some spellings provided.

xmas 4   CHRISTMAS 1-5 (dice layout). Cut out cards to make a pack. Ideas included for sorting to numeral or dice, finding, labelling, making a grid. COUNT 1-8 (Numicon layout). Cut to A5 and use for ordering 1-8. Could be used for Christmas vocabulary with young EAL learners.

xmas 5   THE SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PLAY. An extra reading book about a Christmas play ā€“ featuring some longer sentences ā€“ uses key words from early reading scheme books.

xmas 6 NATIVITY RAP : LINE DANCE go here