Pip Harrison, New Zealand writer, has rewritten the well-known tale from the Fairy Godmother’s point of view. The RA is approx. 11y for older children, or to be read aloud.

‘…Amidst it all, the prince and Cinderella gazed at each other and talked and laughed and laughed and talked. The clock struck the three-quarter hour. Cinderella barely glanced up. Only a quarter of an hour to go before the magic would fade! I tried to catch her eye but she and her prince were in a world of their own. Oh no! The clock was starting to strike midnight…’

 Early Reading version (in large size print):

‘…She was dancing when—suddenly—the clock struck 12…’

If you do not get your resources from TES, you can find the ‘long and short of it’ versions (as above) here.

The simpler versions:

  • with symbols
  • at a lower reading level
  • as sequencing cards with captions                are less challenging in content.

A new activity has been included with this story: a writing ‘frame’ to make a booklet of 8 pages, each with an iconic picture and lines for children to write a new version.

Tessellations to talk about, colour, or cut and reassemble.

The link is on the right under Traditional Tales. Constructive comments are welcome either in the Resource listing when you have downloaded the stories from TES and used them with your group, or by a message to me on this blog or as a PM on TES.

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