It’s dinner time!

A 5-year-old lad had a nasty fall off his bike, ripped a fingernail and went to A&E to be patched up. In spite of this traumatic series of events, he suggested to his mum that they ask the doctor home for dinner. Mum said it was okay to invite him but she thought the doctor might prefer to go to his own home and put his feet up. Quick as a flash, the child did a re-think and issued the invitation plus “you could sit on the couch with your feet up while Mum cooks”.*

I recall much older children who had difficulty mastering the idea that an invitation could include something pleasantly persuasive. Or, on the topic of advertising, understanding what the advertising company had done in order to be persuasive – and why. Sometimes it is particularly clear what a head start is gained by well-developed language skills!

*You will be glad to know the doctor had done his bedside manner training and declined politely with the explanation he had to study after work. Maybe true, or chosen as being sufficiently weighty and within the knowledge of a school child.


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