December calendar & worksheet

The next calendar and worksheet are available from

This will be the last of the monthly calendars. I have been making them since January 2012 I think and there have been 25579 downloads to date! Both my first desktop and my symbol software are very out of date and so the year end is a good time to call a halt before they collapse suddenly!


The Christmas Collection should be visible on the right – the season is here!


My resources are listed in Special Needs (and some are also in the Widgit collection on TES) but many of them would be very useful to teachers working with any young children showing poor language development together with those using English as a second language. Downloading a copy of the Index allows for a Ctrl+F search for likely words/topics – or just glance through the titles of special collections below working on grouping, vocabulary, understanding early language, story-telling etc. Within each collection are simple and more complex items and I’m sorry they aren’t listed in order of difficulty!



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