Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

“Shall I walk with you?” said the wolf.

“Oh, no, sir, thank you. I can quite well walk by myself and I expect you have wolf things to be getting on with.”

 “Well, there is one wolf thing I could be doing,” said the wolf, chuckling to itself in a rather sinister way. “Good day to you,” it said and it loped off into the trees.

Half the suite of 8 fairy tales is now complete. The remaining stories will be uploaded later in the year. We hope you are enjoying them. The links are on the right under Traditional Tales. Constructive comments are welcome either when you download the stories from TES or by a message direct to me there. If you do not get your resources from TES, you can find the ‘long and short of it’ versions here.

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