That’s very funny!

The child’s voice rang out, all consonants crystal clear.   Probably every adult in the surrounding pews had to resist the urge to turn round and engage with the little girl at the carol service. Communicating with attractive children who make comments on life or ask questions is so compelling. She offered other interesting remarks to her family – all easily heard for several yards around, I’m sure – throughout the hour. Later on I found she was only 2 years and 4 days old.

The world is truly not a fair place when it comes to speech and language development! Some acquire the means to hold a conversation understandable to all at 2, while others can be struggling for many more years. Which one will get more input, response, encouragement? You’ve guessed it! It does take an effort to keep talking to a child who doesn’t seem to be making much of your remarks. Or whose speech is so unclear you cannot understand it. Many adults do not take the risk.

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