Make & read small books

I was completely enchanted when I first made a set of these little books on an art course with Carla Sonheim. My three titles then were Tinnitus, Dementia and Colour!

I am hoping teachers and children will find them equally magical and am adding titles to my list of resources. They are £2 each and currently only available from TES. Each one takes days to prepare – please respect my copyright!

The method of folding will always be the same but each title has specially made illustrations and the content is varied. All the titles provide something that each child must do, so they end up with their own individual product.

Titles available:

  • HABITATS There are 2 pages of text at Reading Age 8y, 4 habitat illustrations  (Arctic/rainforest/Australian desert/ocean) where the child can finish the sentence to say something about the named habitat, and 2 blank pages for youngsters to complete with writing, drawing or sticking.
  • RHYMES There are 2 pages with text only at Reading Age 7y and 6 pages with an illustration of Humpty Dumpty hiding (suggestion of Easter egg hunt!) These pages have a description which is to be completed with one rhyming word. Prepositions can be rehearsed as well as rhymes.