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Today (5th February) I happened to hear a programme on Radio 4 at 11 a.m. called Why Can’t  Our Children Talk?   It was a bit depressing. My resources on TES were originally made for my work as a speech and language therapist working with pre-schoolers and children through primary school. Some had a diagnosis which carried an expectation of language delay e.g. Down’s Syndrome, but many had no such ‘label’ but were unfortunately not developing speech and language skills at the expected rate/age.

The radio programme concerned children at school in the UK. They were not from a family using a different language at home, nor did they have a disability or syndrome. But teachers were sure the children were entering school at a marked disadvantage because their language skills were so poor. The results of research were quoted indicating that this delay was still lowering attainment at 11y and even later.

My resources are listed in Special Needs but it sounds as if many of them would be very useful to teachers working with any young child showing poor language development. Downloading a copy of the Index allows for a Ctrl+F search for likely words/topics – or just glance through the titles of special collections below working on grouping, vocabulary, understanding early language, story-telling etc. Within each collection are simple and more complex items and I’m sorry they aren’t listed in order of difficulty!




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