Using Language Levels: Story 4 Friends

cover page of new story


The story pictures are presented in three formats to increase the usefulness of the resources:

  • with questions for each page at all the Levels (I-IV)
  • in a smaller size for you to make additional activities
  • in a story text – and this one has colouring pages as well (RA 6-7y).

The series is listed on TES. Each set of resources will be useful for many sessions – either as you make progress with one child, or work with a group at different language development level.

Constructive comments are welcome – you can message me on this blog or TES. Or please contact me if the suggestions are not clear. It is difficult to pack good information in and still be concise.

These resources are for school or home use. I hope everything is explained adequately.

These are the first three titles:

Using Language Levels: At the seaside

Using Language Levels: Sally’s garden

Using Language Levels: Bob’s dream

The new title is:

Using Language Levels: Friends


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